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Egg-stra special Easter Baskets Kids will LOVE!

Egg-stra special Easter Baskets Kids will LOVE!

Easter is coming up SO quick this year, so here is a round up of the best Easter Basket goodies everyone from a 12 month old to a 26 year old teenager (too personal?) will love! *pls ignore the author on this, michelle did not write this i just cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the author*

Must: Cute Basket 


The first order of business is the basket. As someone who may or may not identify as the 26 year old teenager of her family, I LOVE this basket from Crate & Barrel. I love a good dupe, so here is one from Michaels! Personally, I'd opt for the Michael's Basket so I can spend some more money on what I'm putting into the basket. 


Optional: Cute Tag 

With the money I saved from buying the dupe, I was able to buy 2 more baskets (because everyone is popping babies out now). I made 3 tags but somehow I feel like I'm missing some kids on my list. They have me as an aunt so if they don't get a tag, are they really missing out?
If you want to be a cool aunt that supports another cool aunt, snag these tags from her shop here

Non Negotiable if you want to be THE cool aunt: Suncatcher Stickers

Call me delusional but I'm pretty sure this is what solidified me as THE COOL aunt.
These stickers are honestly so cool that I have them all over my house. My 1 year old niece loves them, my 7 year old niece loves them, and myself (the 26 year old teenaged aunt) LOVES them. So you really can't go wrong. Stick them on a window with direct sunlight and rainbows will appear like magic.
P.S. this is a great way to turn into the cool, smart aunt if you tell them that these work because the sunlight "bends" through the sticker, the sticker "splits" the light into different colors - causing the rainbow stripes! The stronger the sunlight, the more vibrant the colors of your rainbow. Be sure to let your lil peep know that this process is called "diffraction". #Women(aunts)instem.
Extra gifts they'll love (made by a cool aunt, for cool aunts)


Our Etsy shop reviews are filled with people that love our little smiley keychains. They're little happy reminders on their keys that don't get in the way!

Another from our Etsy shop - if your little peep is losing their teeth, I promise this will make that scary process a little easier for them & their tooth fairies!

Another cute keychain option for all ages. Moms love these for daycare, but kids love anything with their names on them. Opt for a cute lil note from their favorite person to make it even more personalized.

Believe it or not, my niece is taking pictures of me as I'm writing this blog with this exact camera. We listened to Ms. Rachel one too many times and decided Claire needed to be screen free. Now we can listen to 50 cent. 

Happy Easter from one cool aunt to one cool person that read my first blog!!! XOXO!
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