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Mom's the Word: Picking the Perfect Mother's Day Card for Your Superwoman

Mom's the Word: Picking the Perfect Mother's Day Card for Your Superwoman

Mother's Day is rolling around again, and while brunch reservations and spa days are awesome, a heartfelt card is a must-have to show Mom just how much you care. But with endless aisles (or online scrolls) of generic greetings, finding the perfect card can feel like a quest. Don't fret, fellow daughter (or son)! Here's your guide to picking a Mother's Day card that Mom will truly treasure and tips for the best message! We're also giving you a discount until May 9, 2024! Use code MOTHERSDAY2024 for a discount on your Mother's Day card - and don't forget dad! This code will work for Father's Day cards as well! 

1. Channel Your Inner Superhero: Is Your Mom Hilarious or Heartfelt?

Think about your mom's personality. Does she crack jokes that make you snort-laugh in public? Or is she more of a sentimental soul who cherishes handwritten notes? Haven Print Co. offers a range of cards – from laugh-out-loud funny to sweetly sincere. Pick a card that reflects the unique bond you share.

I've admittedly given my mom this card every year, because it's just so true. 

First my mother, forever my friend card

If I had to give her another one, it would probably be this one. 

Of all the vaginas in the world mother's day card


2. Inside Scoop: Make it Personal

A generic message is nice, but a personalized touch takes things to the next level. Here are some ideas:

  • Reference an inside joke: Remember that time you [insert funny memory]? Slip a subtle nod to a shared experience that will make Mom smile.
  • Highlight a special quality: Does Mom have a killer green thumb or the most infectious laugh? Mention something you truly admire about her.
  • Write from the heart: Sometimes, simple words like "Thank you for always being there for me" are the most powerful.
  • Choose a card you know she'll relate to: Does mom love Reality TV or Pop Culture? Try to give her one of our cards that may not be geared towards Mother's Day, but perfect for her!

 If she loves country music, get mom the queen of country

Happy Mother's Day Darlin


Every new mom knows Ms. Rachel (at least we hope they do). This is perfect for her. 

Can you say mama Ms. Rachel Mother's Day Card


3. Pro Tip: Don't Wait Until the Last Minute!

We've all been there: the mad dash to the store on Mother's Day Eve. Avoid the stress and ensure a wider selection by shopping early. Haven Print Co. offers fast and reliable shipping, so you can order with confidence. We can even write your personal message and ship it directly to mom for you! Just email us at before ordering!

4. If you're long distance - send her hugs too! 

Our jar of hugs were inspired by a customer who moved away from her mom. She loved our Jar of Fucks, and told us how much it made her mom smile on their first Christmas apart. This got us thinking, mom could probably use a hug to go with her laugh, too, right? Our mini jar of hugs is perfect for the occasion! Pop this in your cart with you fav card for mom! 


Hugs that fit in Mom's Pocket

Why our mini jar of hugs?

  • Send a little hug to her - a sweet reminder they're on your mind.
  • Hugs that will fit in her purse, pocket, windowsill, or desk for a quick smile throughout the day.
  • Use code MOMHUGS* for a discount if you purchase a card & a jar! 
  • Also available on Amazon Prime with next day shipping! (our discount codes are not available on Prime, though!)


Remember, the most important thing is to choose a card that comes from the heart. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, put on your favorite lounge set, and browse our collection of unique & funny Mother's Day cards. With a little thought and our awesome selection, you're sure to find the perfect card to celebrate the amazing woman who deserves it all – Mom!

P.S. Don't forget to use code MOTHERSDAY2024* at checkout for a discount on your purchase (this code will also work on father's day cards until May 9, 2024!)


*Discount codes MOMHUGS and MOTHERSDAY2024 cannot be combined with each other or other discount codes. Discount codes end on May 9, 2024.

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