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Our best Playroom Secrets EVER

Our best Playroom Secrets EVER

Let's be honest. Is your toddler playroom chaos these days? Our studio baby, Claire seems to multiply toys faster than we can stick a suncatcher sticker on a window. That being said, we put some effort into her playroom design that is ✨cute✨ even when it can use a little more organization. 

We wanted Claire to have a space where she could do anything she wanted - safely - and that wasn't overstimulating for her, or us. A place that's bursting with fun but doesn't give adults hives every time we walk in. Sound impossible? Think again! We're here to show you how to create the coolest, most functional montessori (inspired) playroom ever.

We're talking themes that'll blow your newborn or 2-year-old's mind, playroom storage solutions that'll keep the toy avalanche at bay, and maybe even some sneaky learning snuck in there (Montessori playroom, anyone?).

So ditch the tears (you & your toddler's) we're about to show you our best secrets to a fun newborn/baby/toddler/big kid playroom that's been approved by Claire, her friends, and their moms. 


Suncatcher Stickers, starting at $7

If you follow us anywhere, our first staple is a Sun Catcher Sticker. We are OBSESSED with these because they add the perfect amount of color to any playroom (beige moms actually love these). The cutest rainbows only come out during direct sunlight hours. They make a GREAT learning lesson too - our almost 2 yr old Claire knows about "refraction" because of our rainbows, and that one Blue's Clues song - but it's the same science! They're safe, too! Unlike other suncatchers, these do not magnify, and don't cause fires. Our stickers actually "split" the sunlight, which cools it in a way; and that result is rainbows! Theres 0 hazards behind our stickers. Plus, you can move them around the window and there will be NO residue left behind! On the off chance there is residue, it can be easily cleaned off with Windex.


2 Nugget Couch , $250

We love the Nugget couch - we actually have 2! It's so comfy for nap time, movie time, and when Claire demands either a tent or a slide (we love screen free playtime)! When Claire first picked up some markers, she decided to customize her Nugget Cover - it washed right off!


3 Custom Basketball Hoop (Etsy) (Our Website 🫶🏻), $89

Where else can you find a custom screen free & battery free toy that inspires independent play, hand/eye coordination, that is fun for your child AND your family? I loved this in Claire's playroom so much that I made one for my own house (there's no kids in my house as Claire's designated kid-free aunt). 


4 Custom Name Pennant Flag (Etsy) (Our Website 🫶🏻), $13

Calling it now - the pennant flag trend is coming! Stay up to date on the latest trend with our custom felt pennant flags. From names to sayings, we love framing these for a cute, cheap playroom decor idea and even bathroom decor (hey there, fellow tummy ache survivor).


5 Changeable Wall Frames, $30 ($15 on sale at the time of writing)

If you want to inspire your lil artist & encourage their self esteem, displaying their art is one way to do it! We use these frames in the playroom to quickly update her latest work of art.


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