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Unique Gifts They Don't Have

Unique Gifts They Don't Have

Looking for a unique gift that they definitely don't have? Check out our gift guide! We have put together a list of some of the best gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for something for Christmas, a birthday, or just as a little stocking stuffer, we have you covered. Our selection includes keychains, stickers, and so much more!


1. Suncatchers! "dont trip over what's behind you" suncatcher rainbow making sticker window decal

These suncatchers create rainbows with ONLY sunlight! Stick them on a window that has direct light and watch the rainbows move as we turn around the sun! 

2. Cute Keychains!

Pile of cute trendy keychains, white ghost on top of pink, yellow, smiley face, acrylic keychains.

Everyday we add new keychains! They are a perfect small gift for anyone to add to their house, car, dorm, or even backpacks! Great stocking stuffers and back to school gifts, they even work for teachers! 


3. Custom Keychains!

Custom Acrylic Laser Cut Keychains

Everyone loves a little personalized item. We make our keychains out of acrylic for durability and aesthetics! We are able to add a phrase or letters to any keychain. 


4. Perfect for Music Lovers - Spotify Keychains! 

Acrylic Playlist Keychain Custom

Have a music lover? Get their favorite song or playlist engraved onto a keychain. It's an easy shortcut to get to their most favorite music. This is an AMAZING birthday or even anniversary gift! 


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