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Square Suncatcher

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1 Clear Square Sun Catcher Sticker. We like to put multiple on a window for the huge effect shown in the listing!

You will need DIRECT sunlight for rainbows to appear. The stronger the sunlight, the stronger the rainbow.

THIS DECAL IS MOVEABLE - Please read the instructions carefully - they (clearly) let you know where to place your sticker to get the best rainbows.

When moving the decal, please be careful while handling. Fingerprints will be left if the adhesive is touched, and we will not reimburse or replace items that are improperly handled. Decals with the backing removed are not available for refunds or replacements.

Please allow for a full day of sunlight before leaving a review. Direct sunlight is needed to create a rainbow - just because it is sunny outside, does not mean rainbows will appear. The intensity of the rainbow will depend on the placement of the decal and most importantly the amount of DIRECT sunlight it gets. We do not offer reimbursements or replacements if a rainbow does not appear as sunlight is necessary for results. The rainbow's intensity will fall/rise with the sun.

Our Sun catchers are perfect gifts for any occasion. Kids or Adult Birthday, Teacher appreciation day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Secret Santa, Stocking Stuffers, Easter Basket, Valentines - Any occasion!

• Removable • Rainbow Making • Decal • 3.5" square
1. Clean glass or window surface
2. Use a wet paper towel, cloth, or a spray bottle to wet the window.
3. Peel your decal from the liner and place the adhe sive side on the wet glass. The decal will seem like it is floating. This will help you slide the decal into the exact location you want it to be.
4. Once you've placed exactly where you want the decal, gently squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles, making the decal stick to the glass. The adhesive have a milky cast, this will clear up once the water has dried! This can take about 3 days!
5. Once you have all the air bubbles and excess water out, dry your window with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.
6. Enjoy your gorgeous rainbows!

Please note that in colder climates, it is possible for the decal to chip if it is constantly pulled up. To avoid this, please refrain from constantly pulling it off of the window.Please note, this is an INDOOR sticker. If applying to cars, please apply to the INSIDE of the car. This is NOT weather proof. We will not issue a refund or replacement if applied to an outdoor window.• Place on a window with unobstructed, direct sunlight to make rainbows!

If rainbows do not appear on a window with direct sunlight, remove gently to move to another window. Any obstructions like trees, cars, buildings in the path of the sun to the intended window will influence the appearance of rainbows. Intended only for indoor use on stationary windows (not roll-down car windows). If placing in a car, place on a window that does not roll up or down (like a back windshield) to avoid it from being stuck inside the car door. Place out of driver's view and drive safe.