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Custom Busy Board

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Style: Dinosaur Theme
Backing Color: Wood

Handmade on Long Island, New York

This listing is for one portable busy board - designed to keep kids busy on the road, during diaper changes, at restaurants etc. Small enough to put in a diaper bag or keep in the car. Inspired by our two year old studio baby Claire! After tantrums in restaurant high chairs, we designed this to keep her busy while we're out and about.

Approx. 8 x 10 inches
Acrylic or wood backing

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SAFE USE Terms and Conditions
• We ask you to be attentive and present while your child is playing with our busy board. • We do not advise leaving your child alone with the busy board.
• Ensure that the child does not dissemble or break any take parts for him/her
• Be aware of possible sharp edges on acrylic

Style: Dinosaur Theme
Backing Color: Wood