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Jar of Fucks

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Color: Pink
1 mini jar of f*cks, for when you're about to run out and need to let people know you're limited. Small jar of fucks, perfect for a gag gift, valentine, birthday, stocking stuffer, white elephant, secret santa, teacher, or office gift

Know someone that just doesn't give a f*ck? Gift them the gift of some!

We're born with a ton of fucks to give - we give fcks about our friends, our grades, fashion, and what we waste them the most on - stranger's opinions. We give way too many fcks about way too many things, and we only have so many.

As we get older, we learn to budget our fcks. Maybe we'll use them on family or our career, but we can't afford to spend them on the newest trends. Did a coworker ask you to do something outside of you job description? Do your best to find some fcks, but this month might pretty tight - this jar will help out with that. Next time your coworker that makes 2x your salary or boss asks you to export a PDF for them because they don't know how, just give this little bottle a shake to let them know your fcks are limited. Or, just give them out and restock when needed.

Whether this jar of fcks sits on your desk at work, on your bookshelf, or by your kitchen sink, let it be a reminder that your fcks are a precious resource. Don't let all of the frustration in the world distract you from what is really important.

Each "fck" is made from recycled acrylic. This item is sustainable!

Glass jar is 2 inches x 1 inch, with "fuck" varying in color + size. Comes inside a mini branded canvas sack. *Please note, the smaller card is no longer included in these items.

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Color: Pink