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Mini Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Mini Fridge Memo Board! Write down groceries, play some games, and leave sweet notes with this mini dry erase board!

5 inches x 7.5 inches
Clear acrylic board + wooden magnet smiley faces.

Dry-erase markers and wet-erase markers erase completely. Our favorite markers to use are Festival Chalk Marker Set By Craft Smart found at any Michaels store. Please note that our boars does NOT come with markers. If there is any residue from markers after wiping, wipe clean with windex, soap + water, or rubbing alcohol. Do not use permanent marker, acetone, or other harmful chemicals as this may lead to damages to your board.

IMPORTANT: your metal surface must be magnetic for this item to work. If your fridge has a glass surface, it will not have a strong enough magnetic surface to hold the board.

Please be careful when applying and moving the magnets. We will not be held responsible if your fridge is scratched due to mishandling the pieces.

Magnets are 1 inch, please keep out of reach of children + animals. They are harmful if swallowed.

*Markers are NOT included.
We do not accept refunds, exchanges, or returns.

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